The Plant Outlet now sells bulk mulch. Choose from standard hardwood mulch or Premium Dyed Cypress Mulch.

Bulk mulch is available in "1.25 cubic yard" scoops.

  • Standard-sized pick-up truck bed has a capacity of 1 scoop.

  • Full-sized pick-up truck bed has a capacity of 2 scoops.

Hardwood Mulch is $45.00 per scoop.
Premium Dyed Cypress Mulch is $57.00 per scoop.

Mulch available Tuesday through Friday from 10am to 4pm and Saturday from 8am to 12pm. 

The Advantages of our Cypress Mulch

  • Our Cypress Mulch is 99.9% Cypress, no blends.

  • Double shredded for superior coverage and application.

  • Adds nutrients to soil as it decomposes, stays neutral to avoid changing soil pH.

  • Deters weed growth and blocks out airborne seeds.

  • Repels insects and reptiles.

  • Pleasant smell when fresh.

  • Stays in place better than other woods that may float away under heavy rains.